the basics


Call (631) 477-9000 from 4p – 10p  for any questions.


We love TO GO orders. 


We do not accept Reservations due to limited seating.


We do cool stuff...


We like cool people.  

Do you like mixing drinks, conversation,

craft beer, man buns, kale, and groovy tunes?

Cocktails, Kale Salads, & Man Buns, Oh My!



As we are a bar we have limited space THEREFORE WE MAY not have room for strollers, and larger parties but we will try to accommodate you where possible.



Greenport is a cool town and if we are bumping busy please come back

and try us again after visiting some of the rad shops or sights around town,

better yet - get some take out.


We love food, beer, wine & cocktails. Our menus change every week, sometimes twice a week - some people love that, others find it frustratingly annoying that their favorite dish isn't available. Our suggestion, if you're the latter, is to come back again or check the website to see if your must have dish has made a reappearance or...

just try something else 

 because variety is the spice of life.


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